Domain Registry Review

When it comes to registering a domain name, our registrar of choice is
They have the best customer service and support system out there, replying to our support tickets sometimes in minutes.
Very competitive prices, beating Godaddy and other big registries with no up selling. Create your online identity in confidence.

Other Features Include

  • Domain Defender to keep your names safe
  • Two Factor Authorization to protect entry to your control panel
  • Fully integrated marketplace with the lowest escrow prices around 7.5%
  • Custom For Sale landing pages
  • Domain Link Manager to keep track of domain names at other registrars
  • Many payment options including Bitcoin
  • Discount Program if you add account funds before purchase
  • Best Customer Support In The Business


We have been using for 10 years, and the quality of service, ease of using the control panel to manage your business, as well as the many other features makes this the registry of choice for us.

To see the low prices, visit the Pricing Page Here and as an extra bonus use the code ZOOM OPTIONS to receive $1 off your domain name. Thanks for reading our review!